To facilitate the maintenance of your pool

pH stabilization

Maintaining water at an optimal pH doubles the effectiveness of chlorine throughout the season.

Disinfectant reduction

Reducing the use of disinfectant as an algaecide will save you considerably.

Algae control

Effective and safe algaecide that inhibits photosynthesis, eliminating algae even invisible to the eye.

Water clarification

The ingredients stimulate the efficiency of the filtration system, so the transparency of the water.

A unique product for your pool

A unique product for your pool
Water so clear that the notion of depth disappears.
  • Comfortable for swimmers
  • Clean for the environment
  • Gentle on equipment


1 weekly dose & 4 remarkable effects

  1. Stops algae growth
  2. Clarifies water from all suspended matter
  3. Corrects and stabilizes the pH at an optimal level
  4. Reduces chemical consumption by up to 50%


A unique product your spa

Efficient, economical, safe

  • Water of unique clarity, healthy and comfortable water at all times.
  • Simplifies spa maintenance with minimal chemicals.
  • Easy to use, once a week. It reduces the time spent on maintenance.
  • Soft and safe, it allows swimming without waiting. Its ingredients are approved for the treatment of drinking water.
  • Allows considerable savings of time, money and chemicals.

Add once a week and simplify pool maintenance.

Clear water & gentle to eyes, skin, hair and even your jerseys.


Reduce the addition of chemicals to your water by 50%.<br /> Substantial savings in time & money for crystal clear & pure water

The effectiveness of (chlorine, bromine) is increased by Aquarine, since it is only used to kill bacteria and not algae. Hence, 50% less chemicals are used in your pool water.

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