Aquarine Spa

To facilitate the maintenance of your spa

Water clarification

Calibrated and dosed for spas, it increases the efficiency of the filtration system.

pH stabilization

Aquarine Spa maintains pH consistency and increases the effectiveness of disinfectants.

Simplified maintenance

The weekly addition will help you maintain perfectly clear water.

Foam control

The cleaning and clarifying action optimizes the action of the filters and reduces the suspended solids invisible in water.

A unique product for the maintenance of your spa

Efficient, economical, safe

  • Water of unique clarity, healthy and comfortable water at all times.
  • Simplifies spa maintenance with minimal chemicals.
  • Easy to use, once a week. It reduces the time spent on maintenance.
  • Soft and safe, it allows swimming without waiting. Its ingredients are approved for the treatment of drinking water.
  • Allows considerable savings of time, money and chemicals.


Used once a week, Aquarine Spa will help you maintain a clean and healthy water. Water so clear that it will appear blue!

Powerful and gentle

A product for the pool that is both powerful and gentle. An effective blend of active water treatment ingredients for crystal clear water at all times.


Aquarine Spa allows you to use less disinfectant and other chemicals. It also reduces the time you have to spend each week on maintenance.


Unlike the first generation product, Aquarine Spa is distinguished by the increased stabilizing power of its ingredients which provide you with stable spa water:
  • Stable pH
  • Increased efficiency


The weekly use of Aquarine Spa simplifies the maintenance of spa water, whatever the temperature, in addition to reducing the use of the following products:
  • Algaecides
  • Clarifier
  • Stabilizer
  • pH corrector

Approved and safe

Aquarine Spa is safe for users, the spa, the water heater and the environment, you can even bathe immediately after dilution of the product. The ingredients used in Aquarine Spa formulation are approved for the treatment of drinking water.

Aquarine Spa

A formulation of stabilized and dosed ingredients for maximum effectiveness. A product that optimizes the maintenance of spa water.

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