Water clarification

Aquarine Spa acts in a remarkable and unique way on the clarity of the water. Calibrated and dosed for spas, it increases the efficiency of the filtration system. By allowing better elimination of the particles present, it increases the transparency of the water.

Water so clear that it will appear blue!

pH stabilization

Adding Aquarine Spa every week helps maintain pH consistency. An optimal pH greatly increases the comfort of the water and the effectiveness of the disinfectants used.

Aquarine Spa is not a disinfectant. It is important to maintain a safe concentration of disinfectant (chlorine, bromine, lithium, active oxygen, activator or peroxide) in the spa water at all times.

Depending on the quality of the water used, you should regularly check:

  • The present concentration of disinfectant
  • pH
  • Total alkalinity (TAC)
  • Calcium hardness

Simplified maintenance

Maintaining a safe concentration of disinfectant at all times and adding Aquarine Spa weekly is, in most cases, the only maintenance you will need to do to keep water perfectly clear.

Aquarine Spa is compatible with all types of disinfectants on the market. Your seller can advise you on the one that best suits your use.

Note that those who want to use chlorine in their spa will have to use di-chloro and not tri-chlor. The use of tri-chlorine (pebbles or granules) may even invalidate the warranty of several spa manufacturers.

See the FAQ on types of chlorine and their characteristics.

Delays the unpleasant appearance of foam

Aquarine Spa is not a defoamer. Its cleaning and clarifying action optimizes the action of the filters and markedly reduces the suspended solids invisible in water. The water stays clean longer, delaying the appearance of foam in your spa.


Aquarine Spa is safe for flora and fauna. It does not accelerate the destruction of natural habitats.

Aquarine Spa contributes to sustainable development, its ingredients are respectful of the environment.

The Aquarine Spa containers are made of PETE, an easily recyclable plastic.

Aquarine Spa, a water:

  • Uniquely clear
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Cleaner, longer.
  • Gentle on skin and equipment
  • Ecological, thanks to the ingredient it’s made from.
Aquarine Spa
To facilitate the maintenance of your spa