I have had trouble with algae in my pool for the last 3 years. I would use liquid algaecide and it would clear up but then be right back again a few days later. It was an ongoing battle costing alot in chemicals. So I decided to try this. It is the most amazing stuff I have ever used. I have not had any problems since I started using this stuff. No signs of algae since I first added the stuff to my pool. My water is crystal clear and it really does cut down on chlorine like they say. I am definitely using much less chlorine so this stuff actually pays for itself. I will never go without this chemical again! I only wish someone had told me about this sooner.

Best Purchase Ever

I can only say this is the best I have found after having problems every summer with algae. I have saved money and time using this product.We were away for a week and thought maybe the pool would be green and I left the solar cover on the entire time,but NO we came back to a crystal clear pool. Amazing product !!!

It truly is the best purchase ever for my pool

I have been using your product for 2 years now it has to be one of the best economical products today I use 1 ounce per week with a chlorine puck and my pool stays stabilized all summer, when I closed it, I added extra and this year when I opened it was just as clear as when I closed it , right on, I tell my friends about it all the time, kinda brag I guess. thanks for your product

Bragging about it